Canned aquatic products export potential of aquatic products enterprises should actively explore the market

Foodjx introduction: according to statistics, China’s food industry has for 4 consecutive years the total output and export volume to maintain two digit growth in food industry, anterior. However, the development of canned fish is relatively slow. In 2003, China’s total food yield of aquatic products was 28000 tons, accounting for only 4 per thousand aquatic product processing and the total amount of 7040000 tons, compared with China’s aquatic product total output 38750000 tons, the gap is too large. If the unit of measurement for tank, our annual output of about 140000000 cans of canned fish. If all the domestic, average every 10 people, only one person a year for a tank, an annual consumption of 20 grams per person (less than half), so our canned aquatic products market has great development space.

Canned aquatic products export potential of aquatic products enterprises should actively explore the market

Not long ago, Zhejiang province Shaoxing City, enterprises in the production of the 5 batch of canned mackerel successfully exported to Garner. The export of canned 22000 box, 180.10 tons of weight, this is the first time that Shaoxing exports of canned mackerel, canned fish exports for the first time in the Shaoxing area. The personage inside course of study suggests, aquatic products enterprises can actively explore overseas market canned fish.

In recent years, Shaoxing shrimp exports prices, in Russia and other countries are already known, have the order to continue. Frozen shrimp Penaeus vannamei has now become the aquatic products export in Shaoxing City Star product, the momentum of rapid development. In 2012 the Shaoxing area a total export aquaculture Penaeus products 4212.46 tons, the total amount of $20335300. The number and the total amount of year-on-year growth of 131.84% and 115.13%. In fact, in addition to shrimp, Shaoxing aquatic products rich in resources, the territory of the water area of 482 square kilometers, aquatic fish up to 11 orders and 21 families, 81 species. Experts think, aquatic products such rich resources, expand the export of aquatic products is a huge potential for. This requires enterprises and relevant departments to tap potential, the resource advantages into trade advantage.

Canned food is not in the domestic market plays, but in some developed countries, canned food make housewives in the kitchen from every 40 minutes to 20 minutes, canned food nutrition convenient very popular. “We do a lot of investigation, at present Fujian, Ningbo, as the development of better canned aquatic products manufacturers will ‘battlefield’ located in foreign countries.” According to the enterprise marketing department staff said, “we will gradually expand the overseas market, the development of canned fish exports will be a very good way.”

According to reports, although the first canned mackerel in Shaoxing enterprises was sold to Garner, but in the future, the western countries will be the main target market of canned fish. A staple food of the west, has been with meat, fatty acid, cholesterol accumulation in human blood, especially in recent years, more and more people suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other diseases. For the sake of health, now the Westerners have slipped a carnivorous shift from consumption to the aquatic products to, market development space will be more and more.

“The export of aquatic products, especially canned seafood export potential, the future of our enterprises will focus on the development of new varieties of shrimp, frozen shrimp in addition to the outside, will focus on R & D bread shrimp, canned shrimp and other species.” As an exporter of frozen white shrimp based enterprises, Shaoxing the company after several years of unremitting efforts, has created a new way to the export of aquatic products, the company is very optimistic about the potential of aquatic product canned.

According to industry sources, the export of aquatic product canned “gold content” is very high, the average unit price than the frozen aquatic products more than 50%, some even as high as 3 – 5 times. Therefore, suggestions for water production enterprises to actively expand the canned export market, enterprises can also be the production, processing, transportation and marketing departments in close cooperation, the production processing and sales through-train, realize the diversification of export aquatic products processing of primary structure from single to deep processing and transformation, to gain greater market.

Canned fish to do some thin previously unreleased in the fierce competition in the market, the first to conduct a thorough change in concept. Enterprise is not only to provide a product, but also spare no effort to market, make every attempt to meet, stimulation, mobilize the differ in thousands of ways, different levels of consumer groups, consumer awareness of diversity. Just with the means of production, but also to use market means, commercial means the operation of products.

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