Liang Zhongkang: the canned theory today show the future

For me as a child, can is a coveted drop, but also a can of food is hard to find. But now, with the remarkable improvement of living standards, as the “old times before walking Wang Yan” canned has flying into the homes of ordinary people, not a kind of luxury. Early in the morning, had the privilege to be located in Lang Qin International China canned food industry association, Liang Zhongkang chairman of the time met, together with the mysterious veil.

It is understood: Liang Zhongkang Senior Engineer University graduated from Wuxi Institute of light industry (now Jiangnan University), in food engineering department for 6 years of food processing professional learning, a solid theoretical foundation for the later canned career. After graduating in 1967 and has been in the processing of meat, canned food manufacturing enterprises engaged in technical work. From 1987, he worked in the Ministry of light industry food company, China Light Industry Association director of the office of food canned food industry. 1995 canned association was founded, and he served as secretary and director; is a typical grow with China canned food industry wise.

Director Liang Zhongkang this though over seventy, but the spirit is hale and hearty, style is refined style of conversation. Leung said: “my life, canned food, canned, serving canned. I’m coming with canned, life cannot do without it, can cause development is the pursuit of my life.” The seemingly simple word, it contains a beam of canned into old infinite love. From his Weiweidaolai, development China canned food industry history one appeared in the public eye.

Canned food is food industry of China based on relatively good, relatively early start, development faster, compared with a big industry. After the founding of the PRC, China’s national economy to be poor and blank, economic development, national canned food industry as the breakthrough point, hired many foreign (former Soviet Union) experts to help us build the factory, by the prime minister personally, supplies unified transfer, unified organization of production, by foreign trade departments of foreign export. Now, our country foreign exchange income a year to hundreds of millions of dollars, and canned will take over $100 million, can want to pay attention to degree of national. The Chinese nation by canned food to the world market, the slowly recovering economy; to earn foreign exchange, promote the development of important industrial sector of the national economy. Visible, canned food industry has made great contribution to the early development of our national economy.

In the last century 90′s before and after, in a planned economy to a market economy in the process of production and trade, phase separation, directly to the canned food production enterprises in the market. When all the domestic large and medium-sized city are basically state-owned canning factory, but due to the lack of talents of foreign trade, information, customer, sank into the predicament of the development. With the political storm and the United States of America China can import restrictions and other factors, the original burden heavier state-owned canned enterprises, some bankruptcy, some mergers and acquisitions, experienced a period of pain.

Late 90′s of the 20th century to now, is the development of China’s canned food industry in the spring. During this period, the international industrial division of labor continue to deepen, the system innovation, mechanism more flexible; these are as a booster to the canning industry development, the international more competitive, rapid development in china.

According to customs statistics, China’s 2011 canned export 3080000 tons, worth about $5000000000, is China’s exports of agricultural products the highest single goods. In the world, China is also a major tin producer and exporter, over Thailand. Canned export volume in China from less than 1000000 tons in 1999 to about 3000000 tons in 2011. But from the beginning of 2012, China’s exports of canned inflection point appeared, China’s Canned export competition ability in the fall, the price advantage is weakening. The reason is various, the various elements of cost including labor costs increased, and the exchange rate issue. In 2011, China can export to the peak, in 2012 fell 3%, the first half of this year continued to show a downward trend.

Director Liang Zhongkang told China Daily Food Chinese Channel: China canned food industry characteristic, is labor intensive. A very important reason for China’s Canned second stages in the development of China’s rapid development is canned low prices, quality and cheap. This is mainly because of China’s relatively low labor price. Foreign people are more like to eat canned, economy is one of the important orientation. China canned low prices, so deeply loved.

He further analysis: China’s exports of canned, the United States, Europe, Japan accounted for 55%, other 45%, exports more than 140 countries and regions. Among them, the export ratio of OEM is very high, accounting for 95%. Mainly in the process when the system transforms which did not seize the opportunity. A series of original brand declining. At that time, in order to seek the market, many enterprises take the OEM processing, so now there is no right to speak, weak bargaining power. In the value chain, our production enterprises in the bottom, so the ability to respond to changes in the market is weak, reduced to pure producer, no brand and marketing channels. But in the tariff is not dominant, such as the Peru canned food exports to the United States is the zero tariff, tariff and China will have to charge 15%.
Safety, nutrition, reliable food

Facing the complex and changeable international market, how to open the domestic market has become an urgent need to address the new proposition number, after all, China has a population of 1300000000. From the tin’s annual per capita consumption, the United States is about 30 kilograms, and Japan for nearly 20 kilograms, while China is only 2-3 kg. This shows that the consumer of canned recognition is not high, on the other hand also shows the potential of the domestic market. Therefore, Liang Zhongkang’s director is quite anxious, running around research, and strive to break. The first half of this year, the association opened in Shanghai international canned food conference, beam director also issued a “canned food at present how to look, how to do” the future of speech.

It is understood, one of the important reasons is that domestic consumption quantity of Chinese people have some misunderstanding of canned food. Beam pointed out: canned food processing method is one of the most secure at present, processing technology is safe and reliable, the maximum guarantee food safety, health and authentic.

Canned was first invented by the French, Napoleon syndrome hit Europe in order to solve the problem of food supply, launched scientists invented canned such storage methods. First of all, after processing, canned food is sealed, thus cut off from the outside world, second, it is in a vacuum state, which contains oxygen rarely, reduces the effect of oxygen on the food. The third is the sterilization, the containing kill all bacteria. So can the storage period is longer, usually in two years to three years, or even longer, up to 10 years. Thus, the long storage period without any relationship with preservatives.

In addition, from raw material point of view, can with nutrition, the raw material is fresh. Such as canned fruit, after fruit picking down from the tree, usually shipped directly to the factory, up to the very next day processing. Generally speaking, in the process of nutrient retention is good. Many of the fresh fruit we eat now, from the origin to the user consumption, long cycle, using various preservation methods. So can say, canned food than “fresh” also “fresh”. The beam old also revealed, canned food industry will strengthen the inspection of the raw materials, the advanced testing equipment available for the joint together, form a lab alliance, increase the positive energy for canned food safety.


In addition, the canned only individual products with sweetness agent and colorant. These are the provisions of the state to allow the use of. Open the use of food additives in China national standard GB2760, in all food, canned food is the least used. But, in a large number of exports the United States, Japan, Europe and at the same time, the standard of food quality canned China completely in line with international standards, in accordance with international law and the United States of America CAC FDA requirements.

In the food packaging products, technology has become more perfect, security is also very high; in addition, pesticide residues in canned products is very small. Therefore, the current food safety attaches great importance to the case, canned food is one of the safe, reliable food.

Overall innovation to break

Canned food industry as a whole need to upgrade, which includes technical innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation. Only in this way can appear leading enterprises and brand, and promote the industry as a whole leap. Only the right market position, divided into the crowd, to accurately understand and constantly open up new products based on consumer potential demand for canned products, solid brand foundation, to occupy a favorable position in the market.

Liang Zhongkang pointed out, there are two main aspects existing canning industry problems: one is the market is not enough, the operation of the market capacity is not strong, the market need to further expand the scale, brand operation also needs to be strengthened. Two is not innovation capability, innovation canning industry includes variety innovation, including technological innovation. In product innovation, canned food industry products should be to the catering, leisure, fashion oriented development, increase the variety, enhance the canned product market influence, like the beverage, dairy products and other consumer goods to achieve rapid diversification of varieties, product fashionable, let the canned products really get the fashion crowd favored.

In raw materials, our country with the international gap is obvious, the international popular modern, large-scale, large-scale production, raw material is traceability. We are also learning, take enterprise plus farmers, agricultural order form, the family farm. For example, COFCO to tomato industry is a large-scale cultivation, modern equipment, mechanical harvesting, completely to the near.

In the industrial production, the original small, cheap labor, accustomed to manual operation, must now shift to mechanization, take the line production line. In recent years, vigorously carry out the HACCP quality system management backbone enterprises in China canned food industry, production mechanization continuous significantly increase the level of.

The varieties of a single, unable to meet the diverse needs of customers is an important reason why the effect of canned food industry development. Therefore, Liang Zhongkang think: to go to the supermarket canned ahead, to come to the table to the front, to make it a family do not come out. So technically still do some discussion. For example, fast and convenient and scientific processing, sterilization time to reduce bacterial contamination and taste better, also can take some techniques to improve the taste, this needs to continue in the technical input. Like the restaurant industry is faced with reform, such as the constant temperature food, standardization of dishes on the canning industry put forward new requirements.

The young man diversification, personalized demand also can get rid of the traditional thinking, out of canned food, canned products, the gift of instant, convenient. In the packaging has also diversified, convenient. Like eight treasure porridge is a typical canned, but weakened the canned concept, strengthen the understanding of eight treasure porridge, achieved good market effect. It has enlightening significance.

I believe in pushing Liang Zhongkang director, in the joint efforts of the manufacturers, China canned food industry will set off the third wave of development, make a major contribution to create the tip of the tongue of the Chinese dream!


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